The wait is finally over! The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has released the much-awaited exam dates for both ICSE Class 10 and ISC Class 12 for the 2024 academic session.

Here’s a quick summary of the key dates:

ICSE Class 10 2024:

  • Exam Start Date: February 21, 2024
  • Exam End Date: March 28, 2024

ICSE Class 10 2024 Date Sheet:

Time Table
Wednesday, February 2111.00 a.m.English Language — ENGLISH paper 12 hrs.
Friday, February 2311.00 a.m.Literature in English — ENGLISH paper 22 hrs.
Monday, February 2611.00 a.m.History & Civics – HCG. Paper 1
History & Civics (Thailand). H.G.T. Paper 1
2 hrs.
Wednesday, February 2811.00 a.m.Geography –  HCG. Paper 1
Geography (Thailand). H.G.T. Paper 1
2 hrs.
Thursday, February 2909.00 a.m.Art Paper 1 (Still Life)3 hrs.
Friday, March 111.00 a.m.Second Languages:
AO-Naga, Assamese, Bengali, Dzongkha, Garo, Gujarati, Kannada, Khasi, Lepcha, Mito, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Tangkhul, Telugu, Urdu
Modern Foreign Languages:
Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Modern Armenian, Portuguese, anish Thai, Tibetan
3 hrs.
Monday, March 0411.00 a.m.Physics – SCIENCE Paper 12 hrs.
Wednesday, March 0611.00 a.m.Economics (Group 11 Elective)2 hrs.
Thursday, March 0709.00 a.m.Art Paper 2 (Nature Drawing/ Painting)3 hrs.
Monday, March 1111.00 a.m.Chemistry – SCIENCE Paper 22 hrs.
Wednesday March 1311.00 a.m.(Group Ill-Elective)
Carnatic Music, Commercial Applications, Computer Applications, Cookery, Drama, Economic Applications, Environmental Applications, Fashion Designing, French, German, Hindustani Music, Home Science, Hospitality Management, Indian Dance, Mass Media & Communication, physical Education, Spanish, Western Music, Yoga
Technical Drawing Applications
2 hrs.

3 hrs.

Friday March 1511.00 a.m.Mathematics2 hrs 30 minutes.
Saturday March 1609.00 a.m.Art paper 3 (Original Composition)3 hrs.
Monday March 1811.00 a.m.Biology – SCIENCE Paper 32 hrs.
Wednesday March 2011.00 a.m.Hindi3 hrs.
Friday March 2211.00 a.m.Environmental Science (Group 11 Elective)2 hrs.
Wednesday March 2711.00 a.m.Commercial Studies (Group 11 Elective)
French (Group 11 Elective)
2 hrs.
Thursday March 2809.00 a.m.Art paper 4 (Applied Art)3 hrs.

ISC Class 12 2024:

  • Exam Start Date: February 12, 2024
  • Exam End Date: April 3, 2024

ICSE Class 12 2024 Date Sheet:

Day & DateTimeSubjectDuration
Monday, February 122.00 P.M.English – paper 1 (English Language)3 hrs.
Tuesday, February 132.00 P.M.English – Paper 2 (Literature in English)3 hrs.
Thursday, February 152.00 P.M.Commerce3 hrs.
Friday, February 162.00 P.M.Geography
Electricity and Electronics
Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing
3 hrs.
3 hrs,
3 hrs.
Saturday, February 179.00 A.MAn Paper 5 (Crafts A)3 hrs.
Tuesday, February 202.00 P.M.Mathematics3 hrs.
Wednesday, February 212.00 P.M.Mass Media & Communication
Fashion Designing – paper 1 (Theory)
3 hrs.
3 hrs.
Friday, February 232.00 P.M.Economics
Biotechnology – Paper 1 (Theory)
3 hrs.
3 hrs,
Monday, February 262.00 P.M.Chemistry – Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
Wednesday, February 282.00 P.M.Business Studies3 hrs.
Friday, March 12.00 P.M.Indian Languages / Modern Foreign Languages Languages3 hrs.
Monday, March2.00 P.M.Physics – Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
Tuesday, March 59.00 A.M.Art paper 2 (Drawing or Painting from Nature)3 hrs.
Thursday, March 72.00 P.M.History3 hrs.
Monday. March 112.00 P.M.Accounts3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 132.00 P.M.Political Science3 hrs,
nursday, March 149.00 A.MArt Paper 3 (Drawing Painting from a Living Person)3 hrs,
Friday, March 152.00 P.M.Biology — Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
Saturday, March 162.00 P.M.Legal Studies3 hrs,
Monday, March 182.00 P.M.Computer Science – paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs,
Tuesday, March 199.00 A.M.Art Paper 4 (Original Imaginative Composition in Colour)3 hrs.
2.00 P.M.Indian Music – Hindustani – Paper 1 (Theory)
Indian Music – Carnatic – Paper 1 (Theory)
3 hrs.
3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 202.00 P.M.Sociolog3 hrs.
Friday, March 222.00 P.M.Physical Education3 hrs.
Saturday, March 232.00 P.M.Elective English
Hospitality Management
3 hrs.
3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 272.00 P.M.psychology3 hrs.
Thursday, March 289.00 A.MArt paper 1 (Drawing or Painting from Still Life)3 hrs.
Monday, April 12.00 P.M.Home Science – paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
Wednesday, April 32.00 P.M.Environmental Science – Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.

Both exams will be conducted offline, following the traditional pen-and-paper format. The detailed date sheets, including subject names, timings, and practical exam schedules, are available on the official CISCE website.

What now?

For students appearing for the ICSE and ISC board exams in 2024, here are some key steps to take:

  1. Download and carefully study the date sheet: Make sure you know the exact dates and timings for each exam.
  2. Prepare a study schedule: Plan your study time wisely and allocate sufficient time for each subject.
  3. Focus on understanding concepts: Don’t just memorize facts. Make sure you understand the core concepts of each subject.
  4. Practice with sample papers and previous years’ question papers: This will help you get familiar with the exam format and type of questions asked.
  5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Get enough sleep, eat nutritious food, and exercise regularly.
  6. Stay calm and positive: Don’t stress yourself out. Believe in your abilities and hard work.

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