Education Boards in INDIA!  Which to choose CBSE? IGCSE? ICSE? State Boards?

✨ Explore the distinctive features of CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE, and State Boards, each offering a unique learning experience. Swipe through to unravel the advantages, disadvantages, and key considerations for parents.

CBSE: Strong Foundation & Holistic Development IGCSE:  Global Perspective & Critical Thinking ICSE:  Blend of Indian & International Education State Boards:️  Rooted in Regional Culture


– Rigorous curriculum with a focus on core subjects. – Emphasis on holistic development, life skills, and technology integration. – Standardized assessments for a consistent evaluation nationwide.


– Internationally recognized curriculum fostering critical thinking. – Continuous assessment, diverse subjects, and global recognition. – Ideal for students aspiring for international studies.


– Holistic learning with strong language skills. – Board exams at the end of Class 10 and 12. – Emphasis on ethics, social responsibility, and individual growth.

State Boards

– Tailored to regional languages, history, and culture. – Affordable education with a focus on practical skills. – Smaller class sizes for personalized attention.

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