NEET stands for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is a national-level pre-medical entrance exam conducted by NTA for students interested in pursuing undergraduate programs like MBBS, BDS, and other medical courses from prestigious medical colleges of India. Millions of medical students aspire to qualify the NEET exam.

As per the data released by NTA, a total of 16,14,777 candidates registered for NEET-UG 2021 competing for about 83,075 MBBS, 26,949 BDS, and 52,720 Ayush seats in India.

The number clearly states that the competition is fierce and it’s getting fiercer every passing year. Aspirants put in a lot of effort to qualify NEET exam and pursue their dream of becoming a doctor.

Long study hours and months of hard work are required for NEET preparation. Some students spend years studying for this exam. Many aspirants give up hobbies, quit going out, or cut their sleeping hours in order to study for a bit longer. During this robust preparation, some students feel like quitting or giving up due to the fear of NEET failure. If you are among them, with NEET give up & NEET failure thoughts constantly clouding your mind, here we’ll present some expert-recommended tips and advice you should follow to stay on track during your preparation for NEET success.

Tips to overcome Quitting or Giving Up during NEET Preparation:

1. Recall your Goal:

When your mind is plagued with Quitting or Giving Up thoughts during NEET, pause for a few minutes and recall the reason ‘why you are doing all these, why are you enduring this intense pressure and sleepless nights… Because you want to become a doctor.’ This is your life and career goal – pursue MBBS, add the ‘Dr.’ abbreviation before your name, serve humanity and make your family proud. Think about your dreams and remember there’s nothing you can’t achieve, provided you are willing to work for it. So forget about quitting, take a deep breath, and get back to your studies. NEET success is waiting for you on the other side.

2. Identify the Trigger:

Find the root cause that triggers the thoughts of quitting. It may be poor test scores, a hectic study schedule, incomprehensible difficult topics, piled-up frustrations, etc. Identify your triggers and work to eliminate such scenarios. For example, study better to improve your test scores, modify your study schedule, focus more on your difficult topics, practice meditation to eliminate frustration. Do everything in your power to avoid circumstances that put quitting thoughts in your mind. If something goes wrong, rather than thinking about giving up, analyze your mistakes and work for improvements.

3. Talk with your Teachers:

Your teachers are your mentors and the best motivational source. They are committed to your success, so whatever hurdles you are facing in your journey, seek their help to overcome them. Talk about your fears, difficulties, and hardships with your teachers, they’ll definitely provide you with the best solution. You can speak freely with your mentors about your problems and get the necessary advice or motivation to stay on right track for NEET success.

4. Seek support from your Friends and Family:

Your friends and family members are the pillars of support for you to lean on if you are unable to stand something. You can always rely on them for motivation and advice, hence when you feel like quitting, talk to them. They’ll assist you in remaining joyful and help you feel better when you’re having a bad day or negative thoughts. Tell them about your struggles and troubles, they may also help you in identifying areas where you need to put in more effort for improvement.

5. Surround yourself with Motivational Thoughts:

Self-motivation is the weapon with which you can kill negative thoughts. Motivate yourself every day, decorate your room or study area with motivational quotes or watch short motivational videos. Whenever you feel like quitting, read those quotes aloud to feel an instant boost of motivation and get back to your studies. Struggle today to become the champion of tomorrow.

The journey towards your dream medical college is long and tiresome but it’s not impossible. Keep a positive attitude and don’t let failure force you to lose faith in yourself. You will succeed if you keep trying. Moreover, when it comes to NEET success, speed won’t get you closer to your goals, the right direction will…

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