A successful workshop was recently held in Qatar for teachers interested in learning more about the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary programmes. Over 50 educators from 40 schools participated in the event, titled “Introduction to Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary curriculum and resources.”

Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary workshop Highlights:

The workshop offered a comprehensive overview of various aspects:

  • Curriculum and Resources: Participants gained insights into the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary curriculum frameworks, along with the resources available to support effective teaching in English, mathematics, science, computing, and Global Perspectives. These resources were highlighted as valuable tools for lesson planning and subject delivery.
  • Assessments: The workshop also covered Cambridge Checkpoint tests, providing teachers with an understanding of how these assessments can be used to measure student progress.
  • Pathway Programs: Additionally, attendees received an introduction to the Cambridge Pathway, which offers a connected curriculum for learners from primary to upper secondary stages. They also learned about the newly launched Cambridge Early Years programme.
  • Professional Development: Following the presentations, the Cambridge team in the MENA region discussed opportunities available for teachers to further their professional development.
  • Positive Feedback: The workshop received positive feedback from participants, with one attendee, Tarek from Pearling Season International School in Doha, expressing appreciation for the “clear and well-structured presentation” and finding the “ideas and suggestions presented very helpful.”

The workshop concluded with a panel discussion and Q&A session, allowing for further interaction and clarification of any remaining questions from the teachers.

By attending this workshop, teachers in Qatar gained valuable knowledge and resources to effectively implement the Cambridge curriculum and support the learning journey of their primary and lower secondary students.

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