In the wake of the successful launch of the Chandrayaan-3 space mission, the Indian education ministry is taking a significant step to enhance space education in the country. They have announced the launch of a dedicated portal and a set of specialized courses centered around Chandrayaan. This initiative aims to further celebrate and educate students about India’s remarkable strides in space exploration.

New Education Portal ‘Apna Chandrayaan’:

The official launch of the education website, aptly named ‘Apna Chandrayaan,’ is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17. This portal will serve as a valuable resource for students and space enthusiasts alike. In an official notification, the ministry has urged all higher education institutions to promote this portal and make the special course modules available to their students and teachers. The goal is to encourage enrollment in these special courses to foster a deeper understanding of India’s space endeavors.

Apna Chandrayaan Portal Link

Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz: A Space Knowledge Challenge:

In a related development, the University Grants Commission had previously urged educational institutions to facilitate registration for the Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz for their students. This quiz offers participants the opportunity to test their knowledge of the Chandrayaan-3 mission and space science in general. The quiz is designed to engage and inform individuals about India’s ongoing space exploration efforts and, in particular, inspire students to delve deeper into the realm of space initiatives. Interested candidates can register for the quiz until October 31, 2023, on the official website.

Apna Chandrayaan Official Annoucement:

Hosted by MyGov and ISRO:

The Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz is being hosted by MyGov in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It features multiple-choice questions that cover a wide range of topics, including space science, the Chandrayaan-3 mission, and general knowledge related to space exploration. Participants will have to select the correct answer from four options for each question, with a total of 10 questions to be answered in 300 seconds.

This educational initiative not only celebrates India’s space achievements but also paves the way for students and space enthusiasts to deepen their knowledge of space science. It’s a testament to India’s commitment to science and exploration, inspiring future generations to reach for the stars.

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